28.01.2011. Na poziv PANTENE kozmetike za kosu čije je zaštitno lice Tuba Buyukustun po prvi put je posjetila Maroko i dala intervju za tamošnji list LE MATIN. Govori o sebi, svojim ulogama i kako joj se sviđa u Maroku.

The miss of the hearts Tuba Büyüküstün

The Turkish actress is currently the rage on the small screen in series like “Sanawati Addayaâ”, shown throughout the whole Arab world.

A bright smile, a soft look, a shy step… Tuba Büyüküstün,alias Lamiss or Assi, unveils her authentic side. It is a soft and very charismatic woman that appears tonight. Invited by a famous brand of shampoo, the turkish actress visits Morocco for the first time. She talks about her choice to represent the face of this brand in the MENA region, but also her carrier, her projects and her hit roles in the television series. Sparkling in a 100% Moroccan caftan, the muse of the brand crosses the threshold of the room and lends with pleasure to a question/answer game. Simple and modest in her sequined clothes, Tuba speaks passionately about Morocco and the small adventures she has experienced here. “I am impressed by the love of people here, whether it is in a children’s center that we visited this morning or in the street. Even if people do not know my real name, they recognized me and approached me. It made me very happy.” she says with a big smile.

Known for her roles of “Lamiss” roles in the series “Sanawati addayaâ” and “Assi” in the series of the same name, Tuba is one of the Turkish actresses who are all the rage in the Arab world but also in her own country. After studying stage design and costume, Tuba tries out the magic of the small screen thanks to the director and producer Tomris Giritlioğlu who discovers her and encourages her in her career. She plays under her supervision TV movies and then in series. We can name among others the film “Gul Oya Cemberimde”, followed closely in 2005 by the film “Babam ve Oğlum. However, the success story of Tuba begins in 2007 when she slips into the skin of Lamiss in “Ihlamurlar Altinda”the series known by Moroccans with its Arabic version “Sanawati Addayaâ”.

Her reputation grew when we discover her in the character of Assi in the series “Asi”. She seduces the viewers by the softeness of her character and and the romance of her characters. “It’s true that I play more romantic roles, but this does not mean that this is the unique range I play. “In general, I only play roles that I’m really convinced with. It is by conviction that I choose my roles“, says Tuba. Sometimes designated by Lamiss, sometimes by Asi in the street and even by some journalists, Tuba Büyüküstün declared she is very surprised by the success of her characters in Morocco.

Concerned about her image among viewers, Tuba chooses carefully her roles. She declares therefore: “I love my job, it is my whole life. That’s why I pay a great attention to the choice of my roles and I am totally dedicated to my profession.” In addition to television, Tuba Büyüküstün has invaded the silver screen through three movies. The latest one “Ask Your Heart”, released in 2010, was a resounding success in various events in Europe. Asked about her concept of beauty, Tuba replied: “Beauty is a set of qualities, either in terms of physical appearance, or character or personality. It is not enough to have a nice body and a pretty face to look beautiful to people, but above all to have good values.”

The circuit of the star

Casablanca welcomed with pomp and circumstance the Turkish actress Tuba Büyüküstün as part of her partnership with the famous brand of shampoo. Already ambassador of an intensive hair care, Tuba Büyüküstün has expanded her collaboration with the brand by becoming an ambassador for its range of products. Arrived on January the 25th, Tuba Büyüküstün has not gone unnoticed. At her hotel residence, about fifty fans winners of the contest “Lamiss in Morocco” gave her a warm welcome. The brand has planned for her guest a visit to the Hassan II Mosque, then a walk through Habous district where she discovered the Moroccan handicraft in all its splendor. Then, she went to the SOS village in Dar Bouaazza. Tuba, who was seduced by this welcome, expressed emotionally her delight visit Morocco and to meet those who fervently follows her series.


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